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SCB Proofreading & Editing Services

Do you know when to use a transitive verb or an auxiliary verb? Do you know the difference between your object and your subject? Do homophones confuse you? Uncertain where to place commas and apostrophes? Would you like to strengthen or relax the tone of your article?

Correct punctuation, spelling, and grammar are vital in creating a good impression, as well as clarifying your document's intention. I will review your document to help ensure these elements are correct, as well as offer advice regarding cohesion and tone. I also provide copy writing services to suit your needs.

Believe it or not, learning about punctuation can be fun! Consider an in-person demonstration, from which you and your employees can benefit. Learn more in the 'Services' menu.

I am an author, blogger, freelancer, and English tutor with exemplary spelling, punctuation, and grammatical skills.  In 2020, I completed a Cert IV Training & Assessment wherein I successfully presented apostrophe and comma usage. I certainly enjoyed imparting the knowledge! My background as a paralegal specialising in criminal law has equipped me with the skills necessary to construct strong and concise correspondence; or if you would prefer a different tone, I have tutored extensively on persuasive writing techniques.  I have also conducted sessions on creative writing. Currently, I am undertaking a Bachelor degree; life is busy but I am loving the learning process.

Contact me with any questions, and be assured you will have discretion and professionalism throughout the process.


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