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What SCB Did Next

From the title of this post, some of you might make the connection with Susan Coolidge's 1886 novel What Katy Did Next. The author of this blog post read the novel when she was aged about eleven or twelve. Did it make it make an impression on her? Only slightly, but she would read it again. Also, she will stop referring to herself in the third person.

Okay, it has been quiet lately, but this is a given over the Christmas period. I have had some work and received positive feedback, and here it is: "Very helpful and encouraging. I submitted a short story and the proofreading report was informative and constructive. I received my comprehensive report the day after I sent my document."

This incandescent recommendation appeared on the SCB Facebook page, and I have copied it to this blog post.

Today, I made purchased ISBNs in order that I can self-publish my novels (former publisher having closed its business). When they have been uploaded to the platform, I will do a post with the details in the event that anybody perusing this post is of a mind to grab some fiction.

My sixteen-year-old asked me to check the punctuation of a text he had typed, prior to sending. This is one of those proud mum moments that really gives one the warm-and-fuzzies!

Merry Christmas, and may 2021 be nowhere near as trying and tiresome as 2020.

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